Report Malware/Hacked sites via - Borg Digital

Ever get irate about sites that are distributing malware, viruses, hacked sites and online fraud? You can spend all day and night trying to report it to the hosting company and try to get them to take the site down, or you could just report the site to the project.

If you have encountered a badware URL, you can report it to StopBadware’s community. StopBadware does NOT curate or maintain a list of bad sites, and reporting a URL via this form does NOT mean the URL will be added to a list of bad sites maintained by any other company. A community report is merely a record that an Internet user believes badware was present on a given URL at a given time. This form is open to all who wish to use it, regardless of technical skill level.

Community reports will be included in our Badware Website Clearinghouse. They may be shared with third parties or used in a variety of other ways to help fight badware.

We may ask those who wish to access community report data for certain uses (e.g., analysis by for-profit companies) to pay a fee or provide in-kind services in exchange for data access. This allows us, as a nonprofit organization, to continue serving, and advocating on behalf of, Internet users.

If you are the victim of online fraud or think that you have witnesses fraud online, then get in touch with ActionFraud UK who are a division of the UK Police and manage cyber-fraud cases.