Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

If your web hosting is regularly causing you stress and distraction then it might be a great time to consider our Managed Web Hosting service. This is a service that is offered to small and medium-sized businesses who need someone to make sure their site is being professionally handled.

Our management service includes:

London Dedicated Server Website hosting

We move your site out of its current hosting environment and migrate it across to our UK (London) based dedicated servers. We pride ourselves in our highly optimised LiteSpeed servers and want to ensure that from the ground up, your hosting service is of highest possible class.

Backups setup and management

We will set up your backups policy to make sure your website files, emails, SSL certificates, databases are backed up using a properly planned backup policy. We keep backups of your site and data on a daily basis and retain them for 30 days. We also take a monthly backup and retain the last 3 months of site backups. These backups are stored offsite to ensure a server outage or data center problem alone can’t threaten your data.

Disaster recovery plan and execution

If our web servers or datacenter has a critical issue. Then we have a disaster recovery plan which will ensure your site and data comes back online as quickly as possible. We have data centers on standby just in case we need to spin up a server in an emergency and restore from our server disaster backup, that is all planned through and ready to execute.

Setting up mailboxes upon request

If you ever need another email address set up just let us know and we will have you set up without delay. Password resets and other related support requests will be dealt with upon request.

Installing applications like WordPress and themes

Our control panel features the WordPress manager plugin for simple installation of new WordPress sites, but if you need anything else setting up just let us know and we will help you install whatever you need.

FREE PHP 500 errors and application faults diagnosis

From time to time web applications might appear to randomly fail for some unknown reason, for example, WordPress may show a PHP error or even worse show a blank white page. There are lots of things that can change and go wrong. In that sort of scenario, we are happy to help you identify the cause of the issue. Our servers are error log enabled which means we can quickly identify the causes of 500 errors.

Continuous server monitoring from our friends in New York!

Platinum Server Management, a 5 Star American team of qualified cPanel specialists keep a constant eye on our servers, they check our web servers and emails are running every 5 minutes and if anything doesn’t look right, they proactively step in to make sure things are sorted out. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

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Really Good Reasons For Using Borg.Digital Managed Web Hosting

LiteSpeed Cache and Page Compression

We have fully configured LiteSpeed web servers. Customers sites load lightning fast from this simple difference. But we take further steps to make your site perform so quickly that you’ll be hitting refresh on your browser and giggling childishly.

The speed-boost ticks all the boxes and will improve SERP listings and conversion rates compared with slow sluggish shared hosting. You could ask us to copy your existing site to our server and run a side by side comparison before you decide.

Latest 2019 Versions of CPanel WHM

Enjoy the ultimate control panel for your hosting needs. Introducing Cpanel/WHM with Paper Lantern UI. This is the most comprehensive and fully featured hosting control panel in the industry. And we have loaded it up with the latest essential tools to make your and our life easier.

Setup email accounts or install applications in a jiffy. When things go wrong use the self-service restore from offsite backups and bring your site back to ‘a state in time’. Setup FTP, make custom PHP Configurations and so much more using CPanel.

Why Choose Us For Managed Web Hosting?

My servers are wired to use which means your email is being sent using a premium email network. Your email will be extremely simple to setup and I protect you from being associated with SPAM and Malware by using outbound SPAM filters.

I scan the entire file-system using Imunify360 so that you know sooner rather than later if your site has been infected, defaced or otherwise compromised. Unlike other hosts I try and help you resolve the problem instead of just switching your site off.

Oddly enough, we are crazy about LiteSpeed Web Server and ditched Apache some time ago now. LiteSpeed with LSCache outperforms Apache by 90  times! Our customers were so delighted with the performance improvement we had no choice. Once you host with LiteSpeed you’ll never go back to other web servers again. Michael Hein has written an interesting article about LiteSpeed if you’re interested in some more detail.

LiteSpeed will make a site that took 10 seconds to load before load within 2 seconds, it’s not uncommon to see your site running several times faster on our servers than you have ever seen before.

If you would like to have a look at their website then head on over to LiteSpeed Technologies and have a look. For those of you who want to know more about Apache Web Server you can have a look at the Wikipedia Page for Apache here.

LiteSpeed Technologies released a caching plugin for WordPress which only works properly if your servers run LiteSpeed. Every WordPress site on our server gets a FREE and fully configured LSCache plugin to experience up to 90x greater page performance than traditional services. You won’t believe it when you see it. You’ll keep hitting refresh on your site’s homepage because your sites awesome speed will amuse you.

We run an incremental full backup of your site every night. We keep 30 days worth of those. We also take a monthly backup and keep 3 of those. The backups are configured via Jetbackup and for a solid-as-a-rock backup solution. Your hosting control panel has options for performing backups and restores. You can self-serve when you need to restore or back out.

Our partners Platinum Server Management take good care of our server monitoring. They check each 5 minutes to make sure the servers are up and running. If something goes wrong these guys have direct access into our data center to request a reboot of our server, and they have full Keyboard and Mouse connectivity to our servers.

Our resellers are responsible for more than 50% of our revenues and we work hard to help you acquisition new clients and grow your hosting business. We have designed our hosting plans to allow you to compete and defeat the big brands out there. Once clients have experienced their website performance on our servers they will become incredibly loyal because they know a good thing when they find it.

You won’t need to battle through an uncomfortable dialog with Borg.Digital support and enquiries. We provide you with a dedicated support-person who has over 20 Years Web Development and server management experience. You’re in really good hands, regardless of whether you need a hand setting up your email or you have an annoying bug on your WordPress site, contact support for whatever you need and feel well taken care of.

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Our Client Say

Michael constantly goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy

- IT Services 4 Me Limited

It has gone smoother than I could ever imagine

- Andrew Penketh - ADP Web Design

My website is now super quick

- Les Amos - Warrington Direct

Amazing Service

- Nick Jackson Marketing

We felt really lucky when we were given Mikes number…

- Mark Boardman - HTS Clinics

I am thoroughly impressed with Borg Digital…

- Rachel Evans - Facebook Review

Fast, really really fast!

- Lewis Mercer - Facebook Review


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