ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth earbuds Unboxing, Setup and Full Review - Borg Digital

We’re about to unbox the ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth earbuds, it’s a bit of a mouthful, nevertheless let’s have a look inside the box. I’ll talk you through some of the features, the highs and lows the product which I’ve been trying for the past couple of days.

When you open the box you’ll find the main unit which is a charging point for your headphones and a USB cable inside a box. You’ll find some little earbud adjusters to make sure that headphones fit, you’ll find an e 18 user guide for your wireless headphones a thank you card and finally there will be a little feedback card with a smiley and frowney face on the other side.

My opinion of these headphones when I take one out of the box and look at it carefully is that it’s crafted with accuracy, we have a metallic finish and they really do look quite stylish. I had absolutely no difficulty when it came to pairing the device with my mobile phone and the E18 immediately appeared and I was able to pair each of the earbuds to the device very very quickly without any hassle at all.

You’ll see the ring flashing with a pulsing LED which will indicate that the device is ready to be used.

So now it’s time to test these things out and I decided to test them out with some really basing music with a mixture of a dance techno and also a hip-hop and that style of music which has a lot of trap bass with really booming basses. I want to make sure there’s absolutely no distortion when I’m listening to these headphones.

In my opinion these headphones sound great! I like music which has dynamics and frequency range and I find that it performs well at the top frequencies as well as the base frequencies and so as an all-round portable wireless headphone I really cannot complain about the sound whatsoever. A huge huge surprise for me was how immersive and how almost like a noise reduction happens when you put these headphones in, they fit snugly into your ear and once you’ve done that you can’t hear anything around you, you are literally immersed within music.

So you can sit and listen to your favorite songs for three hours or so before headphones need charging. The way that you charge them is by dropping them back into the holder the holder itself will charge the headphones up to four times giving up to 15 hours worth of listening time which is great unit itself has a USB plug at the back for setting up in terms of charging.

If you ask me whether you should go out and buy these headphones  I would say to you I think you should. I don’t think that you will be disappointed with the sound quality and if you are comfortable wearing in-ear headphones already and you want to go wireless then absolutely nothing in this product will dissappoint you.

A number of reviews on Amazon some of the negativities are around earpieces disconnecting I’ve never had anything except perfect stereo sound from these. I’ve heard other people saying that it’s tricky when it comes to putting them back in to charge. That’s absolute rubbish because these have an absolutely amazing magnetic connector so as you as you push the headphone anywhere within about a centimeter of the charging point it will suck it into place correctly and they will continue to charge so there’s absolutely nothing about this product I’m unhappy with.

I would say – you should go ahead and treat yourself to a pair of wireless headphones. If you want to be sure that you get exactly the same product that you’ve seen in this review and make sure you use the link I’ve included in the description.

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