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Why You Should Try Borg.Digital

Your site is regularly sluggish and slow or down?

If your site is regularly slow, sluggish or displaying strange error pages then your web server or web application is in need of attention. There are various reasons why your site maybe sluggish or down regularly.

Most likely reasons include:
- Your web server is under-resourced or overloaded
- Your web application is heavy or lame and timing out a lot
- Your data center is not managing bandwidth very well

Our service management team constantly monitors site load speeds, server resources and performance spikes are rare because we provide as much resource as needed to ensure extremely good site performance.

You're getting intermittent error pages on your site ?

Most hosts limit the amount of memory and CPU your web application may consume. At times of higher performance load this could cause your site to show a 500 Server Error. If this happens intermittently then your site needs more memory or resources.

We will monitor your site performace using Site24x7 to make sure it stays online. If your site requires more memory then we will allocate it. If your site needs optimisations then we will inform you of this.

Your Email is Always Bouncing or Disconnecting ?

A lot of people don't understand email properly. It takes a lot of experience to know how to manage the SPF and DKIM records for a mailbox to ensure it has the best delivery rate possible.

We monitor our SMTP service every minute to check that there are no performance issues that may cause delays or delivery issues. We personally add DKIM and SPF records to your DNS page.

We are able to migrate SMTP email accounts from your old server to our server to effectively give you an email upgrade instantly without losing a single email.

Your Site Has Been Hacked or Defaced ?

When we migrate a site to our server we will update all plugins and your core WordPress installation which resolves 99.9% of your security issues first time with no recurring problems.

We have literally fixed hundreds of hacked sites for our clients. If you want to move a hacked site to Borg.Digital then go ahead and we will do the necessary steps:

- Complete file system virus scan
- Complete email virus scan
- Application updates and patches applied for free
- Full backup of original site maintained

You Need A Dedicated Support Person

You will receive email, phone and ticket support when you require assistance. The same dedicated support person will respond and assist you when you need it most.

Our support people will help you with every aspect of your site support including application-layer issues that other hosts will tell you they can't help with. We will help you !

Don't believe us ? Phone 01925 121 500 and find out !

You Are a Reseller Yourself and Your Need Better Service Quality for Your Clients

If you have already got a client base that you are supporting and all of the above issues exist for multiple clients then consider the huge benefit of migrating them at no cost to our platform. 

Your phone will ring less with irate clients. Your clients sites will load faster, their rankings will improve and you will be able to leverage our support to make your life a little simpler.

Please see our strategic pricing model below to work out your financial costs and returns.

How It Works

First We Copy Your Site and Emails

After you have provided your existing CPANEL login details we will make a copy of your file system and databases. We normally compress them into ZIP files on your server and then download them to restore them to a fresh hosting account on our server.

We examine your existing email configuration and will synchronise all the email in your existing email accounts including folders, sent mail and even trash email will be copied across. We setup your mail forwarders and spam settings for you also. Then you will receive SMTP details for your new email accounts and a webmail interface for doing some quick testing.

All files and emails transferred go through a thorough virus and malware scan to make sure no infections are transferred to our servers.

We Setup Site Performance Monitor

We setup a site monitoring profile for your cloned site which will test site loading speeds, and monitor service errors like 500 server errors so that we know if there are any optimisations we can make for you to make sure your site has great uptime.

We provide a public service monitor report which is updated each minute and shows the service uptime for DNS, APACHE and SMTP services.

You Receive a Testing Web Address

You will receive an email with your temporary site URL where your website copy is running. It will be identical to your existing site and you can check your site speeds and functionality to make sure you are happy with performance on the new server.

You Have 30 Days To Decide If You Like Borg.Digital And Switch Live

You can cancel your site copy within 30 days or simply follow instructions in your introduction email to switch your domain to your new site, then you will automatically enter a monthly billing sequence which you can cancel at any time you choose. No lengthy contracts, we keep our clients happy to keep them using our service. That only seems fair.

You Can Add New / Additional Hosting Accounts Whenever...

If you decide to move more sites, or simply want to create more hosting accounts to create more websites then you can simply 'Add A Site' from your Borg.Digital hosting CPANEL.

Create as many or as few websites as you need, resell the service if you wish to. Our pricing structure is designed to give you enough margin to compete and succeed with your hosting business.

Daily Automatic Backups Included

Your databases, email and file systems are backed up on separate storage disks and you have access to perform full or partial rollbacks and restores using our backup interface.

We can also perform restores for you if you need our help. Our service desk is fast and helpful.

The Service Specification

Here's What You Get For Your Monthly Fee

- Unlimited Web Space Linux Hosting
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- Automatic Daily File and Database Backups
- Managed Hosting Service
- Full CPANEL Access inc. FTP and PHPMyAdmin
- PHP / MYSQL (We support PHP 7)
- Magic Spam / SPF and DKIM Mail Services
- 1 Free Migration Per New Website
- Instant Activation After Payment 24/7
- CloudFlare CDN, Varnish Cache, Automatic Compression
- Accellerated PHP Engine

Pricing / Reseller Pricing

Number of Sites
Price Per Site
Total Price Per Month
Income If Resold for £4 

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